Sunday, November 10, 2013

Satanic Tricks

A small misunderstanding, minor dispute or problem automatically grows into a much bigger issue if it is not resolved or dealt with as soon as possible.

Satan chisels into the smallest crack making it appear to be a crater simply because it was not filled when it first appeared. Relations break over the pettiest of matters because we allow time to pass unnecessarily or because we avoid the topic whenever we have the opportunity.Businesses crumble when outstanding matters or disputes are allowed to lay as they are. Family members stop seeing eye to eye due to the delay of the distribution of the estate of a deceased relative or it being distributed unfairly. A whole community or nation can disintegrate because of poor dispute management skills.

Good communication is essential for a healthy relationship. We must be able to raise anything that is bothering us with the relevant people and it should be addressed without delay. An intelligent person is he who tries to resolve matters as soon as possible rather than leave them to bubble in the hearts of people until they reach the boiling point. (Source: Malaysia Reverted Muslim (Formerly Malaysia Chinese Muslim)

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