Monday, November 18, 2013

Religion of the Universe
Islam is for everyone and universe. We have narrowed Islam to the point that if you don't look like, dress like, talk like, act like the Sheikh on my block… Then I will never accept you as a Muslim. This is a joke and a symbol of arrogance. Islam is for the entirety of mankind - the entirety of the UNIVERSE - not the entirety of our little community. How many Muslims have we written off completely because they don't fit in our perception of what a 'Muslim' looks like? Just imagine Malcolm X was alive today. I honestly fear we would throw him out of the mosque because of his suit and tie and his overt concerns for the black community. Yet this same man brought so many people to this religion. Now look at Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), did he write off Salman al Farsi (r.a) because he came from a nation of pagans and fire worshippers? No. He accepted him and even labelled him as "Ahlul Bayt". He accepted a foreigner as FAMILY!! Muhammad (pbuh) was even open to taking knowledge from him too and learnt things from him that were once unknown to the Arabs. ZERO ARROGANCE. I mean the trench was HIS idea in the battle of Khandaq and the main reason why the Muslims won that day. We need to loosen up, accept the people and remember this religion is for the UNIVERSE.

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