Monday, September 23, 2013

Excitement Towards Good

NO matter what we do, let us do it with passion. If people have the same passion to do good that people have for evil the world would be a very different place.


People are shy to do good but not shy to do bad. If you ask people to give a speech to a small halaqah, most would shy away. But people are not shy to smoke marijuana, go to a bar, or do bad stuff. Jay-Z is not shy, Beyonce is not shy, Bollywood is not shy, evil is not shy.  place.This is what we are seeing now.

Imam Bukhari likened  the people to passengers of a ship. Some of the people go to the bottom of the ship while others to the top. The bottom people became thirsty, they pleaded to the people at the top, “Please provide us with water to drink.” The top people refused. Finally the people at the bottom bored holes at the bottom of the ship to get water. In the end the ship sunk. People at the bottom suffered as well as the people at the top.  The top people did not do good, whether out of shyness, negligence, arrogance or whatever, so bad things happen.

How can we ignite passion to do good? Internal fear is much more dangerous than real fear…..Remember, every time we do good, Allah loves us. No matter how small that deed is, who has done or what he’s done. Good deed for humanity,environment, whatever. There are so many awesome good that we can do. Probably, teaching language classes for the orphans during the weekends instead of wasting time at the malls, taking care of the forests that we have, volunteering time to clean up our streets so they are safe for the children in our communities. All those are some awesome aspects of Ibadah. The things that we do at internal level as well as communal acts of Ibadah. When Allah loves you, He Tells that to the Angels throughout the Heavens.

The Prophet pbh encourage us to remember death. You know why? Because death will destroy false pleasures and brings focus into the life of a person who knows that he is going to die. There was a study  done on a group of people who were allocated time to do perfom a task and another group who were left open to do a task.The people who are allocated time do better that the people who are left to themselves to complete the task. Human beings need discipline. Coming to the realization that we are going to die can help us do good. Remember our capital in the Hereafter is our deeds, and that  Death will brings us closer to Allah.

People in the times of the Prophet pbh never outsource their responsibilities. There is a difference between us and them. We constantly blame others for things that happen to us, such as conspiracy theory, and this and that.

Right now it is better that we focus on our sphere of influence. The awareness of giving others what we have, whether material things or help, big or small, to do good. Nowadays people become angry when they cannot buy Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 5. But Sahabats of the Prophet pbh became angry when they were unable to do good deeds for the Hereafter. They became jealous when some other people beat them to it. And they also gave the best deed.

Presently, we see many murderings, killings done in the name of Islam. Let us react to that by building and nurturing people in the name of Islam. Create some excitement in doing them with compassion in our hearts. Then, inner peace will descend upon us and this world will be a different place.

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