Friday, May 31, 2013

Tunjuk Langit

TUNJUK LANGIT or 'sky fruit' is found in dim areas around peninsular Malaysia and the South Pacific Solomon Islands. It carries the scientific name of Switenia Macrophylla and the orang asli usually call it jelai.
The tree is an evergreen perennial fruit tree, which can grow beyond 30 meters. It is a big fruit with a hard shell and thin inner layer, which grows upright on the branch side. When it is ripe and orange-yellow in colour, the fruit splits on its own, with each valve showing two rows of seeds.

Tunjuk langit was known as the “queen of plants”, for its health benefits in the Solomon Islands for generations. The local people have used it for more than a thousand years to treat diabetes, hypertension, allergic diseases (such as allergic rhinitis) and endocrine disorders.
The fruit seed has been recognised for its unique health effects. It is rich in active ingredients of ­flavonoids and saponins for anti-bacterial in­flammation, to repair tissue and promote blood circulation. It also regulates blood pressure and sugar levels.

The essential oils which are extracted from its seeds when used daily could help to reveal splendid and healthy looking skin that glows from within.

The entire plant can be used. The roots of this plant grow to 150 feet from ground surface to absorb the nutrients and water which are not contaminated.

Thus, the high content of nutrients stored in the fruit is safe to be consumed.

In recent years, the fruit has been widely accepted by medical specialists and doctors. Consumer testimonies have earned global acceptance for its core values believed to be one of the best health products in the market.

Tunjuk langit is not only pure in nature; it is also a product that promotes overall health fundamentally.

Active ingredients:
• Flavonoids (found in tongkat ali) to promote health and human well being beyond that of other nutritional supplements
• Saponins (found in ginseng) which act as soap and lubricant that helps to promote blood circulation throughout the human body.
• Alkaloids to eliminate waste chemicals through normal channels and activation of white blood cells
• Vitamins A, B1, B6, D and E
• Potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron
• Dietary fibre
• Folic acid
• Proteins and carbohydrates

The fruit splits on its own to reveal healing seeds

Health bene­fits:

Tunjuk langit is naturally alkaline and effective in protecting the body against bacteria or virus and also drowsiness and body fatigue.

Overall, the fruit has the following benefits:

• It enhances body detoxi‑fication, brainwork and sexual drive.
• It helps to treat diet induced diabetes, removing fat and plaque in the blood vessels of the pancreas and stimulating the production of insulin.
• It helps to prevent stroke and cardiovascular disease. The alkaloid content will thicken blood.
• It neutralises the other acids in body and alleviates gout.
• It strengthens the immune system, regulates immune function enhancement, is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-virus.
• It alleviates chronic bronchitis, asthma and coughs.
• It alleviates lack of sleep, fatigue, relieves stress, insomnia, migraine headache.
• It helps to delay of menopause and restores a healthy youthful appearance.
• It prevents erectile dysfunction with an increase of blood ­ ow in that vital area.
• It improves the digestive system (pancreas included), gastrointestinal ulcers, cirrhosis, acute and chronic hepatitis, hangover, etc.
• Its high alkaloid concentration raises body pH above 8, retarding and killing cancer cells.
• It fights diabetes, sterility, infertility, improves kidney function.
• It eliminates reactive oxygen free radicals and prevents aging considerably.
• An antipyretic, it is used to treat fever due to infection of bacteria.

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