Monday, October 7, 2013

Understanding Not Yet Muslims and Reverts

In most cases, a Not Yet Muslim (NYM) will find it more comfortable to talk to a revert because they believe a Muslim Revert understand them better and what they say will be easily understood by the revert. When they meet up, the NYMs will nod and smile when the revert are sharing their own experience in searching for God and the right religion because they can relate to what they are going through now.

That doesn’t mean that a born Muslim (bM) couldn’t do the same. To give them (NYM) confident and feel comfortable to talk to born Muslim, they (BM) need to assure them (NYM) that they really understand how they feel and what they are going through and everything. We must provide more balance and fair information about what Islam is all about, what and why choose Islam, without criticizing other religions.

Be sure we really knew what we are talking about and that we really understand them as we claimed instead of saying we understand how they feel but yet we doesnt really understand. Not Yet Muslim hate that kind of feeling. That why when reverts meeting up, a new revert will find comfort talking to more senior revert who has went through what they are about to go through and everything is not theoretical but a practical way in handling challenges.

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